Marilyn Monroe

To the world today, Marilyn Monroe is an icon, a woman everybody amires but behind closed doors her life was such a horrible mystery.

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, Marilyn Monsroe is one of the most iconic women to this day. Women all over the world are still inspired by her work, her beauty, her strive for perfection but nobody could ever come close to, or replace such a woman. Even to some of the biggest stars like Madonna and Lady Gaga she is such an influence on their work and their look, especially Madonna. Critics and the general public worldwide have slated Gaga many a time for ‘copying’ Madonna but she has only been inspired the same way Madonna has been by Marilyn.

The iconic scene from the 1955 movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’ (where Marilyn wears a white dress and the wind from a passing train under a subway grate is blowing up her dress) has been remade by famous women from Lindsay Lohan to Michelle Williams in ‘My Week With Marilyn’. This is undoubtedly one of the most iconic moments in Hollywood history. To some people this picture is all they know of Marilyn, to others perhaps fans of hers, or even just fascinated by her and her life. Either way, everybody still knows of her the same way everybody kept wanting to know more when she was alive.

I have only recently become very interested in Marilyn, the life she led and the tragedy of her death. Every time I read or watch something about her I want to know even more, I find her so fascinating. For the constant obsession, limelight and Hollywood stardom to be on a young woman back then must have been very different to today but overwhelming and most probably difficult to deal with, nonetheless. Her fame following the childhood she had must have been a lot to deal with and her death, especially at her age was such a tragedy. When she changed her name to Marilyn it’s like she was trying to leave her past behind as a different person. She didn’t want to be that person anymore, she wanted to be the star she always knew she would one day be.

She is an icon, a star, an inspiration to women worldwide. Marilyn herself may not be around but her fame, beauty and passion will live on forever.



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